Yellow Dock Root Tea


An uncommon herbal tea mainly used by alternative health care practitioners, yellow dock root boasts a variety of health benefits, most notably detoxification.

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If you’re familiar with the taste of traditional healing Chinese herbs (even though yellow dock does not hail from Asia), you will welcome our Yellow Dock Root Tea into your arsenal of medicinally-minded herbal teas. If you aren’t, then gather your courage and venture into what most experience as a bitter, yet potentially healing, tea-drinking endeavor.

What Exactly is Yellow Dock Root?

A Native American powerhouse, yellow dock belongs to a family of plants that includes rhubarb, sorrel, and buckwheat. When it comes to its power to purify, cleanse, and renew, however, this highly beneficial herb beats the heck out the others. When used as a tea, yellow dock root is usually prepared for medicinal purposes, rather than for the focus of a delightful afternoon tea party. Rightly so!

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