Wild Cherry Bark Tea


Wild cherry bark is classified as an herb, and it contains a substance that traditional Chinese Medicine physicians like to use to quiet coughs. This stunning herbal tea has also been used by Native Americans to treat a host of other physical issues, including to dress wounds, and even to combat tuberculosis!

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Have you even heard of wild cherry bark? We bet you have and you don’t even know it. Most everyone at some time in their life has suffered a serious enough upper respiratory “thing” to warrant downing an over-the-counter syrup or lozenge, which can both be loaded with sugars and grain alcohol. But here’s the deal: When your body is under the weather, the last thing it needs is sugar and alcohol, right? The sweet, syrupy nature of those offerings is nothing like the undressed property of actual wild cherry bark, which feels more mature, more earthy, and far more real deal.

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