Headache Pain Management Roll-On

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4 ml

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Stop headache pain quickly without toxic chemicals.

Relieves headache pain fast.
Topically applied plant oils start working immediately to ease pain.

Offers a safe alternative to over-the-counter pain medications.
The only FDA-registered certified, organic headache remedy, our plant-based treatment safely relieves pain without harmful side effects.

Treats a wide range of headache symptoms.
From throbbing sinus infections to searing headache pain, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and analgesics offer fast relief.

Results may vary.

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1 review for Headache Pain Management Roll-On

  1. Therisa

    I get migraines more than headaches, so this was not very effective for me. It has a really light scent though, which is different than other headache oils. With a migraine, this is nice because any scent can be overwhelming. Having a roller tip is really nice for massaging the temples.

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