Crown Chakra Tea


This 7th chakra can be described as the crown of spiritual understanding. Located at the top of the chakra ladder, the ingredients within our Crown Chakra Tea have been carefully chosen for their resonance with the crown energy center.

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Known as sahasrara, in the order of chakras, the crown chakra is the seventh and final one. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, is represented by the blooming lotus, and, driven by consciousness, has the function of connecting us to that which is considered universal. Its location, as the name implies, is on top of the head, and just above, like a crown with golden rays emanating upwards. This 7th chakra, when balanced, allows you to tune directly into your highest self. A balanced crown chakra can lead to feelings of completion, and a consistent sense of bliss. While sipping on this tea, try repeating within or out loud, I understand. If spiritual ecstasy is your goal, this is the tea to assist you on your journey.

This blend of herbs was crafted to support self and spiritual connection. Its three simple ingredients highlight rose petal, offering those who seek out this exquisite flavor a valuable tea to include in their tea collection. Balanced with lavender, and a nice pinch of nutmeg, we can describe this tea as a delicate, floral brew to help you focus on your lightness of being.

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