Calm Buddha Blend Tea


Subtle, yet powerful, this comforting tea blend provides a balanced union of delicate herbs, including chamomile, lavender, and passion flower, guaranteed to gently carry you to an elevated feeling of calm.

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To calm: To make tranquil and quiet; to soothe. Exactly the intention behind the crafting of this remarkable Buddha Teas offering, featuring one of the most famous de-stressing herbs: kava kava. Native to the South Pacific, kava root has been a popular anti-anxiety, sleep-promoting herb for thousands of years. Legend has it that this seemingly magical root was first discovered when a Samoan-born girl en route to marry a chief noticed a plant on a hillside being chewed by a rat, who subsequently fell asleep. Her intelligent powers of observation and deduction, if true, ultimately led to the intentional cultivation of kava root, a simple act that fortified plant medicine to include an herb that today many people depend on to live calm, contented lives.

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