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Three Months after Bariatric Surgery



So it has been three months since I had bariatric surgery.  Allow me to give you a quick update on how it is going.  Let me begin by saying I am so thankful for having the surgery.  It has changed the way I view diet and nutrition.  What do I mean by that?  As some of you know I spend over 25 years in the Army and I was reasonably fit and maintained healthy weight standards my entire Army career.  But I really didn’t pay attention to the quantity and quality of the food that I ate.  Since having the surgery, I think about what I eat (the quality) and how much I eat (the quantity).  For example, last night I got “snacky” about 8pm.  Instead of eating several snacks, I chose one that was organic and less than 200 calories.  So this small step shows how the surgery has changed the way I view food.  I can still enjoy the foods I like, but I have to watch the quality and quantity. At we have several healthy snack options.  Our KBAR energy bars are one option.

Now let’s discuss weight management.  For some of use, managing our weight is a daily / weekly task.  In other words we have to work hard to either maintain our weight or to lose weight.  So I’m a simple guy from Montana.  Please allow me to give you my thoughts.  I’ll start with the scale.  This piece of metal can be your enemy or your friend.  For me it’s friendly when I get on it and I’m happy with the results.  Other times it’s the enemy.  My solution is to weigh yourself at least twice a week.  I usually weigh myself as soon as I get up.  This way, I should be at my lowest most accurate weight.  I have found that weighing myself everyday can be demotivating.  I look at the scale and I expect it to move lower each day.  That’s not the case.  So that’s why I weight myself a couple times a week.  Oh, one last thing.  For me, I’ve found that I tend to gain weight if I go weeks without weighing myself.  Enough of the scale, let’s talk food.

After three month’s I am on a regular food diet, just like everyone else.  What I have found is that I still enjoy the same foods, but less of it.  I also found that I tend to eat about 5 or 6 little meals a day.  I’m kind of like a scavenger.  I go to the fridge and find something small and healthy and that becomes a meal.  I love it because it adds variety and I don’t eat as much.  You may want to give it a try.  I’m not the first one to try this.

Lastly, I’m down 50 pounds and have about 45 to go.  My goal is 190-195.  It’s going to be hard, but I’m up for the challenge.

Kurt Giese


Intelligent Nutrition

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